Are you in control of your software projects?

You make critical technical and organizational decisions. 

It's all up to you whether your projects belong to the 90% failures or the 10% successes.

Learn from the world-leading expert.

Meet Juval Löwy

Software legend.


The inventor of microservices.

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies.

Mentor of thousands of software leaders around the world.

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Master Classes

Juval Löwy developed an engineered approach to system and project design.

He ensures that you have your software system under control throughout the whole lifecycle.

You will never look at your software projects the same again. 

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We organize two master classes with Juval Löwy in 2021 in Switzerland.

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Architect's Master Class

The business expects you to build a system that satisfies its needs.

Do you think the requirements are accurate or complete?

Of course not.

Still, you have to build that system and it should be extensible and maintainable.

How do you create a valid system design? How many components do you need? How should those components interact with each other?

How do you form an effective team?
How does agile fit into all of this?

Are you prepared for future technology trends?

Juval teaches you all of this and much more in the Architect's Master Class.

Listen to Juval's interview about system design.

Date: 25th - 29th May 2021

Location: Switzerland

Project Design Master Class

The business wants its software solution yesterday.

You have to tell them how you are going to build it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

What plan will you present to them? 

Do you think they will trust your plan?

You must design a trustworthy plan against the unique constraints of every project.

How are you going to build a given system design?

What team do you need? Is the team mature enough to execute the project?

Is the project actually feasible given all constraints?

How risky is your project?

Let someone who already attended the class describe what Juval teaches you.

During the five day course, we learned about estimation techniques, quantifying risk, project staffing, planning and the math behind the mechanics of project design. It was an amazing five days with the IDesign team. We were given the secret ingredients to the project design sauce. After taking the AMC and PDMC, my company is now equipped with the tools to provide our clients with successful project delivery and software design. The IDesign Team and Juval Lowy are simply awesome!

– Brennan Mann, Software Architect, Plasma Web Services

Listen to Juval's interview about project design.

Date: 11th - 15th October 2021

Location: Switzerland


IDesign’s Architect’s class is far and away the best training class I have ever taken. It transcends technological trends and gives you practical knowledge that will be useful for almost any platform and for the rest of your career. Easily the best thing I've spent my money on in quite a while.

– Geoff Heeren , Lead Architect, Emportal

– John Caccavaro, CTO, Radius

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We organize high-value master classes for software leaders.

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I am applying Juval's engineering principles in my daily work and also want other engineers to benefit from it. Collaborating in a highly structured way is very effective and a joy.

Peter Barmettler


I am convinced that everybody should know these fundamental engineering principles. Together with customers or colleagues, the improvements are enormous.

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