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Maximize productivity, minimize unnecessary work: This selection of short videos gives you an idea of what to expect, and shows you the path the  training will lead you.

Becoming a software architect is a strategic decision. That's why we at Software Leader look for the best possible Master Classes to help architects deliver, accomplish strategic business goals, and successfully oversee the engineering team.

1. Meet Juval Löwy, a master software architect, microservices pioneer, and your teacher

Juval Löwy has helped the careers of hundreds of software professionals across the globe.

2. Why technical leadership is so important

Juval discusses the role of the modern software architect. Besides system design, the architect must be the technical manager and take an active leadership role in process and technology.

3. Your system design is crucial to success.

Juval takes a step through the looking glas and explains a classic design mistake made with most systems. He talks about designing against requirements, which always leads to disaster when changes occur.

4. Design your projects as you design your systems

Juval discusses the key ingredients to success, making educated decisions by choosing the right project design option that balances time, cost, and risk.

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