What people are saying about our classes

I’m coming. Not my first time, and yet – Michael “Monty” Montgomery always has new knowledge to share. Can’t wait!
Dan Kuida
Self-employed Software Architect and Lead Developer at Aumentify SL
about the Detailed Design Clinic
Even as a non-developer but an integration consultant, this course was mind blowing and eye-opening. I sincerely think this course will change my career in the near future. Thank you!
Nicolas Pauwelyn
Enterprise IT Architect (associate)
about the Architect's Master Class
My favorite part of the AMC class was learning about the role of the architect and specifically about the leadership process.
Tzachi Aviran
Software Developer, OMA
about the Architect's Master Class
I really loved the course, I haven’t felt so inspired for a very long time.
Orsolya Lukacs-Kisbandi
Software Engineer
about the Architect's Master Class