About us

Martin Helmer

Martin Helmer

Organizer, Architect
MSc Computer Engineering

Martin is an advisor and a leader. During his remarkable career, he has succeeded in invigorating large ailing technical projects and creating highly effective software teams. His broad and deep architectural knowledge, organisational skills, craft focus and empathy for the people involved are integral to his success. After passing his Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Wiener Neustadt, he contributed significantly to high software engineering standards on all his projects. And he strongly believes that the future success of software architects relies on getting the right methodologies and engineering skills to lead on various levels.

Peter Barmettler

Dr. Peter Barmettler

Co-Organizer, Data Magician
PHD in Physics

Peter has a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Fribourg and is a data magician. He is keen on solving complex challenges with his outstanding analytical skills; he is passionate and eager to dive deep into new topics and find just the right solution for the business. Peter has contributed performance-sensitive and algorithmic-sophisticated components to mission-critical projects for various industries that rely on high precision in his past projects. And he always combines his detailed analysis with the strategic business goals in mind.

Our philosophy

Together, we have worked on various challenging projects and combined our skills to create new innovative solutions for our customers. Proper technical leadership has helped us effectively combine our different skill sets to deliver robust and highly innovative solutions.

Our motto: What we offer is what we live, day-by-day.