Detailed Design Clinic

Shorten your learning curve and conquer the critical next step by creating the correct service and data contracts for your services and microservices.

What does this require?

  • Understanding that you must take equal if not more care in designing your contracts as you do when decomposing your system by using the IDesign Method
  • Understanding that the service and data contracts must be cohesive, logically consistent, reusable independent facets of the system blocks
  • Understanding that If not done correctly, you can easily undo all of your hard work of decoupling the components in your system by recoupling them through their service and data contracts

The Detailed Design Clinic

This class teaches the above and much more. Michael 'Monty' Montgomery, a Master Software Architect with IDesign, teaches architects and senior developers how to take an active leadership role in the detailed design process. The detailed design process is independent of the technology stack. Exercises during the class will be conducted in .NET.

You will learn

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Technopark Zürich, Switzerland


Five very intense and long days.

In this two hour session, Monty discusses why design is a process. Get a sneak peek of what awaits you in the intense 5-day clinic.

Michael ‘Monty’ Montgomery – a Master Software Architect with IDesign – is a recognized expert in distributed system design and state-of-the-art microservice development techniques.

He conducts IDesign’s unique Architecture and Detailed Design Clinics, which are intense, immersive, hands-on system design and career-invigorating experiences. Michael Montgomery is an international speaker who co-authored the 4th Edition of Programming WCF Services with Juval Löwy.


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